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Children’s Book Reviews

Brittini Trytek, our evening and Saturday Children’s assistant, has written several reviews of Children’s Books for people in grades 3-8. Some reviews are for books  on the current William Allen White Reading List and others are for the Battle of The Books.

Take a minute to read the review and, if it seems interesting to you, check-out the book.  After you have read it you send your own comments and reviews to us at Cvillepublib@coffeyvillepl.org . We will post your ideas!

William Allen White Books 2013-2014


Tuesdays at the Castle

By Jessica Day George : Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

               Books can be magical, and my favorite is the ones that include magic. This book is about a girl whose parents are killed and her older brother is supposed to be king. The only problem is another prince has an evil plot to take over the castle. What everyone doesn’t realize is the castle is magic if the castle doesn’t like you, you won’t be treated well.  Who will be king?

               I give this book five stars! ***** It has adventure, fun, and magic. Who wouldn’t want something like this to read during the summer?  You better get your copy to check out at the Coffeyville Public Library!


Battle of the Books

Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm

Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

             This book is based on real life facts about this little girl name Penny. She grows up without a father and you really learn what it’s like for her. Her mother and father’s side of the family don’t ever talk to each other. A tragic event causes them to have to talk. Find out what happens next??

            I give this book 4 stars ****. I really learned a lot about this little girl and what it was like for her without her dad. I got to see some hardships that made her a really strong person. I learned that with family you can get through anything.



Faith, Hope, and Ivy June by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Review By Brittni Trytek

             If you are a pre teen or teenager girl I have the book for you! It’s about these two girls that live completely opposite lives. You have one girl that uses an out house and one girl who has a two story house! They decide to go into an exchange program! They learn so much about each other. Want to know what they learn? You will have to read!!

            I give this book 4 ½ stars **** ½ !  I like these types of books. It really had a message that made me want to read it. I learned that you don’t know someone’s life until you walked in their shoes… I really enjoyed it.


Eleven by Patricia Giff

Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

            Do you like mysteries? This book has a big mystery. This book is about a boy who finds a newspaper clipping saying he was missing. He wonders if he was kidnapped as a child. If you want to know more about Sam and his life you better start reading now!!

            I give this book 5 stars *****! I usually don’t like mysteries, but this book kept my attention. I wanted to know more about Sam so I kept reading and reading. It just showed me not everything is what it seems.


Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

         Wants to read a book back in the day? Want to read a book about a boy who is captured by Indians? If so, I have the book for you!!! It’s this boy’s birthday and they are traveling when he is captured. He goes through a maturing journey. Does he ever get home? You better read to find out!!

I give this 4 stars ****!! It was written well, I’m just not a big history fan. It did however keep my attention. I kept wanting to know what next what next….


The Teacher’s Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts By: Richard Peck

Reviewed By Brittni Trytek

            This book is about a boy who doesn’t like school and he finds out his teacher dies. He thinks nothing can get worst till his sister is his teacher.  This book goes through pranks brothers do to their sisters. You also get to see a young teenager become a teacher.

            I gave this book 4 stars ****! I thought it was funny and the brother and sister battle through the whole book was great. I am a teacher so I took the sister’s side. I think anyone would like this book.


Moon Over Manifest By Clare Vanderpool

Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

             Abilene is gone for the summer. Her dad sent her away. She’s not sure how she feels about that. She met Shady which is who she is staying with. She heard a story about a spy and wants to find out more? Who is the spy or what is the spy? Find out more Read this book!

            I give these book 3 stars ***. It had great points in the book, but I felt like it was to slow for me to enjoy. It switched back and forth and got confusing. It just wasn’t my type. Doesn’t mean it’s not yours!


 Return to Sender   by Julia Alverez

Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

   This book is about a girl and her Mexican family who is in the U.S. illegally. It gave me what it’s like to be illegal and in our country. It made me not judge that she was her illegally. Maria moves to this farm. Tyler’s Dad can’t do the milking on the farm anymore so they hire a few Mexicans to work for them. What happens when they are illegal???

I give this book 4 stars ****.. I learned that life is never what it seems. It also has a little crush going on by the 12 boy and girl. I got to see her life in her eyes and how hard of a life she had. This whole story goes through the ups and downs of this family.

Soccer Halfback by Matt Christopher

Reviewed by Brittni Trytek

Do you love sports? Want to read a book about Soccer? I have the book for you! It’s about this boy name Jabber who loves playing soccer. Only problem is his deceased father played football. His whole family wanted him to play football. Jabber has a big choice to make? Find out what he picks!!

I thought this book was a 4 star book ****! It kept my attention and it made me like reading about sports. I think it is an excellent book for a boy or a girl.

11 Birthdays By Wendy Mass

Reviewed By: Brittni Trytek

This book is about a girl name Amanda who is turning 11. One problem is she turns 11 more than ten times. She is reliving her birthday over and over again….. She is not alone. Find out who else is having the same problem? How do they stop reliving their birthday over and over again?

I give this book 5 stars ***** !!! I loved it!!!! It had a message about friendship in the book and it was just a really good story. I couldn’t put it down.


Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink

Review by Brittni Trytek

             Want to read a book back in the day???? I have the book for you! It’s about this girl name Caddie who is a tomboy. She plays a lot with her brothers, and not so much with her brothers. She becomes friends with an Indian. During those days white people were scared of Indians? Did they go to War? Read to find out!!

I give it 3 stars ***. The beginning of the book is really really slow….. Then it starts to pick up. Towards the middle of the book I can’t put it down. Plus it’s in big print so I can see it really well!


Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia Kadohata

 Review by Brittni Trytek

            Do you like dogs and stories about war? I have a story for you!!!!! This book is about a boy name Willie who can’t keep his dog Cracker. His family moves to an apartment. So, he gives her to the army. In the army, she finds a wonderful owner name Rick her loves her as much as Willie did!! This is a war do they both make it out alive?

I give this book 3 stars. *** I am just not a big animal book fan. I usually cry on any animal book. It was well written with a good ending. It just took me a few months, because I knew what would happen. I had to read ahead for questions.