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Coffeyville Library Memories

Short Story

   1st Place – Ursula Turner

Celebrates Centennial

In May 2006 the public library in Coffeyville celebrated its 100th birthday — for the first time.  Like many libraries around the country, this one, too, was established by women’s clubs who saw the need in their town for a place where people had access to books.

In February 1906 four of Coffeyville’s women’s clubs were federated and this Federation assumed the responsiblity of providing a permanent library.  Through annual membership fees of $1, funds to purchase books were collected.  This was a small, but important start toward the women’s goal. In April 1910, $5,000 in bonds was appropriated by voters and the first official library of Coffeyville opened.

Eventually Andrew Carnegie donated $25,000 for a new library building and on April 24, 1912, the Carnegie Public Library opened its doors.  So on April 24, 2012, the Coffeyville library will celebrate 100 years—-again.

By 1965 the Carnegie building could no longer house the number of books the collection had grown to.  A larger building had to be constructed , and the new Coffeyville Public Library opened its doors in 1979.

Today much more than books can be found in the library.  Audio books, large print books, videos, and DVDs are available as well as computers with internet access.

A community room with small kitchenette allows groups to gather for meetings for a small fee.

Once library were all about books; today they offer so much more.

  2nd Place – James Peyton

I remember reading the Nancy Drew Mysteries and Hardy Boys Mysteries for School.  The library use to have an upstairs and downstairs.  The Children Section was downstairs and the Adult Section was upstairs.  We had to look in the encyclopedias to find infomration.  They didn’t have computers like they have now.  It was a completerly different than the library we have now.  You had to walk upstairs on cement steps to get to the Adult Section and walk downstairs for the Children’s section.  When we were we kids we had a good time.  The library was very unique.  I was 13 when I use to go there.  I have a long history of memories about the old library.  We did a lot of book reports in the old library.  The old library was located on 8th street.  It was the Carnegie Library.


   1st Place – Don Brown

           A WOW  (A World of Words)

This morning I had a little extra Time.  So I though I’d look for some words that to rhyme

I went to the local library and found more books than a semi could carry.

The variety of books there amazed me They ran the gamut, fram a to z.

I was so impressed I forgot why I was there.  I forgot about rhyming….I just didn’t care.

I decided to check out and take home a few.

Reading would give me something to do.

I may have gotten a little carried away.

I’ve gotta read twenty-three books by two weeks from today.

   2nd Place – Louise Click

                 The Library in Coffeyville

Do not be bored when life is slow.

The library’s the place to go.


The yoga session is the rage

If exercise is what you crave.


If you are lonely, you will find,

Friends, old and new, waiting on line.


Pinching pennies?  Well, don’t you fret,

Free movies, popcorn, you can get!


Elegant tea, black history too,

Read around shows what you can do.


If you will really, really look,

You might even find a book


To lift your mood, create suspense,

And it won’t even cost you a cent!


There’s DVD’s and CD’s too,

And lost of fun kid things to do.


Information, book discussions,

Time to ponder without rushin’


The library in Coffeyville

Check it out!  There’s no better deal!


   3rd Place – Michael Smith


Just when I thought I knew it all

A new book cmae and Adrian called


Everybody there had a smile on their face

And of course Joy had something to say


So I took the book and lost some sleep

It turns out learnin don’t come cheap


My brain’s been strained, but I found the space

To stuff more in and not lose face


‘Cause now I see that it would behoove me

If next time I just wait for the movie



  1st Place – Abigail Balson

I love the library, I love it so

I love to read books, I can’t say no!

Summer reading was fun I can say

I wish we could go there every day!

Mrs. Cindy was nice and let people share

She showed all the children how much she can care.


The library is fun just like to think

What was the old one like?

I might need a link

I went to the public library a lot

Want to read how George Washington fought.


I love to listen to Mrs. Cindy read

It helped me learn how to read.

Maybe one day I will be a librarian too and

Help other children proceed!

The library is my friend

I hope it stays for a long long time

I will visit it again and again

Because I love it more than a bell chime!