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Community Room

CPL Community Room

Community Room

Room may be rented for $20.00 per meeting by an individual or group plus a $15.00 deposit.  One person must be designated responsible for picking up the key and cleaning the room after the event.

Keys should be returned to the desk or in the book drop behind the library immediately following the event.  After the key is returned to the library the $15.00 deposit will be returned.

Groups are limited to 60 persons in the room

No alcoholic beverages can be served in room due to city statute and library policy regarding children and families.

No smoking is allowed anywhere in the building, including restrooms or 10 feet from entrance of building (required by state law).

Small Kitchen area located behind folded doors

Each group is responsible for cleaning up kitchen area and all equipment used.  Trash is to be gathered up and taken out to the dumpster located in the east parking lot.  Replace trash liner with a clean one from the cabinet.

A vacuum is available in the room to assist cleaning.  Please leave room as clean as possible for next group.

Each group is responsible for reporting any damages done to the room during their rental period immediately.

Paints, ink, or other  liquids the can permanently stain the carpets are prohibited.

When the room is in use after regular library hours we ask that your guests use the community room entrance rather than the library entrance.

Special exhibits or programs can be arranged with the library staff.

Thermostat is set to 72 degrees year around please do not change the thermostat, if the room is uncomfortably hot or cold please contact library staff immediately.



* Please do not allow anyone attending your function to use the library front doors.

*  Only use the community room door — this will stop people not associated with your group from using the restrooms and being left in the building after you leave.

*  Please do not allow anyone in the building NOT associated with your party or group.

*  Before leaving the building check the front doors of the library and the door to the community room to make sure they are securely shut and locked