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Voter ID

The new Kansas voting ID laws that have taken effect. All voters are required to show a photo ID at the polls prior to voting. This will be the first election under these new rules. If a voter doesn’t have their ID and doesn’t go through the trouble of getting it and coming back to try and vote, they can cast a provisional ballot. Ideally, we would not want to go this route because it is easy to disqualify provisional ballots, but casting a provisional is better than not voting at all.
Here is more detailed information about the new law:
S.A.F.E. refers to the Kansas Secure and Fair Elections Act signed into law last year by Gov. Sam Brownback. Basically, it requires all voters to show valid identification before they can receive a ballot. Before heading to the polls Tuesday, ensure you have one of the following on your person:
*Kansas driver’s license,
* Non-driver ID card,
* Concealed carry handgun license,
* Government employee ID,
*U.S.military ID,
*Kansas college ID,
* Government public assistance ID, or
* Indian tribe ID.
Voting box
Individuals 65 or older whose ID has expired can still use that as long as it has a picture.
For those showing up to vote without the proper identification, the best they can do is cast a provisional ballot. Then they will have between six and nine days to show their valid ID to the county election officer for their vote to count.